We fulfill orders Monday through Friday from our warehouse in Latham, NY. Orders may take anywhere from 1-3 business days to be fully processed and shipped out. We use USPS or UPS as our preferred carriers. $50 and over will get you free shipping, within the contiguous US, and we reserve the right to select which carrier to use based on cost and speed in which the package will arrive to the final destination. Anything over $250 will require a signature for delivery.

For any questions or concerns please email info@premierkitchendirect.com

Please Note: Premier Kitchen Direct will not be responsible for any delivery delays due to unforeseen circumstances outside our reasonable control such as delays due to severe weather, natural disasters, strikes, etc.


The party shipping the damaged product is solely responsible for contacting the parcel carrier and opening a Freight Damage Claim on the shipment. If the party shipping the damaged product refuses to place a claim with the parcel’s carrier, a $50 claim processing fee will be assessed on top of all other fees identified in the Returns & Exchanges Policy.

If your shipment contains concealed damage (damage to the product directly, not the outer packaging), it is the responsibility of the receiver to notify a Premier Kitchen Direct representative immediately. If a damage claim is able to be processed via PKD and the carrier - the receiver will be issued a pickup by the carrier as communicated by PKD. Once the first scan has been made in the tracking process and the carrier confirms receipt a replacement will be sent within two business days.


All merchandise received should be carefully inspected by the receiver upon delivery. If any possible damage exists on the packaging please request that the driver document either on their handheld device (UPS & FedEx) or on the bill of lading (common carrier i.e XPO Logistics, A Duie Pyle, etc.). Send photographic proof immediately to Premier Kitchen Direct so an investigation can be initiated. Notify PKD if damaged, defective, malfunctioning, or missing product(s) within 5-days of delivery. DO NOT DISCARD ANY PACKING MATERIALS OR PAPERWORK CONTAINED WITHIN. Refuse any shipment that does not meet your quality standards.


Any product(s) that lack a valid, missing, or a non-legible RA will be refused and returned to sender. Once the product(s) have arrived at the original destination please request a valid RMA.


If the original packaging has been discarded for your product(s) intended for return, have a qualified carrier such as UPS, FedEx, etc pack your product(s). Avoid using newspaper, brown cardboard paper, flexible inserts, and any other packing materials that are weakened by moisture. Only include product(s), accessories, and parts that are directly related to the issue you would like inspected by our technicians. Avoid including all items that could come dislodged and could cause damage during transit. i.e driptrays, portafilters, etc. Once your product(s) have been adequately packed, insure the items for their full replacement cost.



It is the full responsibility of the sender to properly package and protect the product(s) being returned. Once an RMA has been completed, a call tag will be issued from PKD to the sender. Any damage incurred by the parcel service will be reported to the shipper (PKD) where an investigation will be opened. A PKD representative will contact you within 5 business days with an update on your shipment. Products without a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RA) provided by our technical support team clearly indicated in permanent marker on all sides and all parcels of the shipment will be refused upon receipt and returned to sender.


It is the full responsibility of the shipper to properly package and protect the product(s). Any damage incurred by the parcel service will be reported to the shipper along with an estimate of repair. Products without a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RA) provided by our technical support team clearly indicated in permanent marker on all sides and all parcels of the shipment will be refused upon receipt and returned to sender.


Orders under 70lbs are eligible for USPS and can be shipped to a PO box. Exceptions include but are not limited to: espresso machines, coffee grinders, etc. UPS and FedEx will not ship to a PO box.


For all orders over $250 a signature is required. This is a non-negotiable requirement meant to protect the purchaser from theft and unnecessary damage to your product(s). A full waiver of liability is required to be signed if the waived signature requirement will be removed, ultimately it is the discretion of the driver. If the driver deems it unsafe to leave an item with no signature required he may not make final delivery. Contact UPS for more information.Signature Waiver Form


All machines should be returned utilizing the same shipping method that PKD used. If any other shipping method or shipper is used to return items - damage can ensue and PKD reserves the right to refuse the parcel and return to sender. PKD strongly discourages using USPS. If damage is incurred during shipping, a damage claim is nearly impossible to file. If USPS is used in the return shipping of any product(s) without PKD's explicit instruction, PKD reserves the right to refuse the parcel and return to sender.



All tracking information is provided via email upon your orders shipment. Tracking information is occasionally not provided by the carrier. Circumstances in which this is true: special shipping requests by the purchaser and the order was manually processed using USPS. Products that are shipped via a common carrier (by logistics company i.e. Old Dominion, A Duie Pyle, etc.), tracking will not be provided within your account. A PKD representative will contact you when the shipment has been arranged and palletized. A tracking number called a “pro number”, the carrier’s name and phone number, and photos of the package will be provided for tracking purposes. Make note of the photos, do not discard, these will ensure you know how the package should be received. Should the packaging appear to have any signs of “possible” internal damage: show the driver your reference photos, as sent by your PKD Representative, express your concerns about the “possible” damage, and ask the driver if you can physically inspect the product(s) received prior to signing. Have the driver notate any damage to the exterior of the parcel(s) and contact PKD with any additional concerns.Common Carrier Tracking


During the first 30-days of your product(s) warranty, PKD is responsible for the cost of freight and shipping to our facility as well as the return to the origin location. No call tags will be issued to the shipping party. It is the shippers responsibility to sign and return a RA to PKD prior to sending. PKD will refund your costs of shipping (please save all receipts), insure all products for the replacement value, and we will arrange return shipping after warranty service has been completed. During return shipping to the origin location the shipment will be arranged under standard UPS Ground. Additional charges for expedited shipping at the request of the warranty holder is the sole responsibility of the requester, i.e. 100% of the cost of shipping as arranged by the requester.