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La Spaziale

La Spaziale Vivaldi II Direct Plumbed Home Espresso Machine With Bluetooth

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Color: Black



FREE Two Year Warranty ($198 value)


The Vivaldi II has a long track record of performance and reliability. This plumb-only, dual boiler espresso machine with shot and pre-infusion programmability offers a truly commercial experience in the home.




  • Redesigned top cover
  • Group boiler (0.45 liter) 
  • Steam boiler (2.5 liter) 
  • Steam tip with 4 smaller 0.9 mm holes
  • Dual boiler
  • Programmable passive pre-infusion
  • Programmable offset differential
  • Swivel stainless steel steam arm
  • Direct plumbed
  • Rotary pump
  • Volumetric dosing, adjustable through the touchpad
  • One degree group temperature adjustability, indicated by LED display
  • Group temperature adjustable through the touchpad
  • Electronic boiler refill
  • Built-in safety thermostat
  • Semi-automatic hot water delivery
  • Manual steam valve
  • Fault diagnosis alarms
  • Dual manometer
  • 5 ft braided water line with 3/8" John Guest fitting (accepts 3/8" JG tubing)
  • 15 amp / 110 volts
  • 2 1/2" clearance between the drip tray and the portafilter
  • Programmable passive pre-infusion from 1 to 8 seconds
  • Programmable offset differential
  • Dual Manometer
  • Optional 7-day timer
  • 0.9 mm four hole steam tip is standard
  • More precise temperature accuracy
  • More reliable temperature sensing probe
  • New LED Display


  • 1 single spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 double spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 rubber back flush disk
  • 1 metal wire brush
  • 1 group gasket
  • 1 shower screen removal tool

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All warranty is void if equipment is used in a commercial application where the product(s) do not carry one or many of the following approvals: UL, NSF, UTL, ETL.


The warranty is provided by the seller's vendor CCS who is the warranty provider of all Latte Maker brands on our website with some exceptions for example: Baratza, Acaia, La Marzocco Linea Mini. For questions regarding warranty’s manufacturer provided as opposed to seller – contact the manufacturer directly.


All statements made within are only applicable toward products that are covered by PKD/CCS. Any products that carry a manufacturer warranty are void of this agreement.

Parts and Labor for standard merchandise is supplied by CCS via PKD. Shipping is paid by PKD during the first 30-days after the order date. For all other inquires regarding warranty service, please read Warranty section.


  • Necessary service that is the direct result of scale build up IS NOT covered under warranty and is classified as misuse and abuse
  • Preventable clogs in grinding mechanisms
  • Failure to adhere to manufacturer recommended use (misuse and abuse)
  • Failure to adhere to the resources provided on the product page or within our knowledge base
  • Improper use not intended by the manufacturer i.e, machine intended for consumer use in use in a commercial application
  • Damage sustained from shipping and handling
  • Improper assembly
  • Improper storage
  • Removal of the product from the intended region of use i.e. using a 110v machine in a 220v environment
  • Modification that alters the product manufacturers’ intent or modifications or service performed by anyone other than Chris’ Coffee Service
  • Materials or products that are not manufactured by the product(s) manufacturer under warranty
  • Acts of god, such as but are not limited to lightning, flood, power outages and surges, or fire.
  • Wear and tear items such as o-rings, group gaskets, shower screens, etc.
  • Any cosmetic flaws or imperfections as a result of handmade craftsmanship 
  • If a machine is being used in a commercial application and does not have a softening system installed, the warranty is automatically void
  • Outside labor done by any other service company other than Chris' Coffee
  • On site (residential) service. It is the responsibility of the customer to perform routine maintenance and repairs / replacements when and if needed, if you do not wish to ship your machine to us for the service.
  • A new, replacement, machine is not covered under warranty.

Refund policy

Products without a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) provided by our technical support team clearly indicated in permanent marker on all sides and all parcels of the shipment will be refused upon receipt and returned to sender.


During the first 30-days from the order date of the product(s) in question, the purchaser may return all items identified as standard merchandise. Any products not defined within the standard merchandise agreement are not eligible for return and no credit will be issued.

To initiate a standard merchandise return, please email info@premierkitchendirect and ask to begin a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) agreement. After the RMA Agreement has been signed and returned, follow the “shipping my repair or return” procedure. Adherence to all procedures in the RMA Agreement and shipping procedures is integral to your return arriving in the same condition as it was sent in.

Please note that if you receive a machine or grinder and you experience issues within it within the first 30 days, we will cover the cost of shipping both directions to get it back, fix it, and send it back. The warranty does not cover sending out a brand new machine and/or grinder in these scenarios. If you wish to return the merchandise for a refund, regardless of whether or not it's working as intended, you will be responsible for shipping costs both directions. 

If a machine or grinder was purchased through a distributor of ours, and you have any questions or concerns regarding their return policy, you will need to contact the company in which you purchased the machine or grinder from for more information regarding their terms and conditions.


Standard merchandise is defined as home espresso machines and coffee grinders unless otherwise noted on the product page. Items outside of the standard merchandise definition are not eligible for return. Items that could be considered non-standard and are not eligible for return include, but are not limited to, items contained within the following categories: commercial espresso, clearance, accessories, electrical parts, coffee brewers, or coffee. No food product can be returned back to us for any reason.

If you have questions regarding parts and accessories for compatibility or if they would be a solution to your product(s) please call or email our technical support team prior to purchase.


For all items classified as open box, you retain the same agreement as above with products listed as standard merchandise. One exception does apply: the return period is 15-days from order date unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of purchase.


If orders are canceled at any time after payment has been received regardless of if the product has shipped, you are subject to a 5% restocking/cancelation fee.

Your refund will be issued as soon as possible after the item is received, but could take up to 5-7 business days to be completed.

You will have 2 options regarding the type of credit you would like to receive if you're returning a part or accessory.

1. A refund to your original payment less a 20% restocking fee.

2. A store credit for the full amount of the product, which will be emailed to you in the form of a gift card within 7 days of receiving the item back.


Premier Kitchen Direct will not provide any credit or refund for costs associated shipping. You will be responsible for the shipping costs to get any part, accessory, machine or grinder back to us if it's being returned as a buyers remorse. 


For product(s) marked with a “pre-order”, the purchasers payment method will be authorized and captured for the full amount within 1-2 days of receiving the order. This authorization locks in the deal at the time of purchase and reserves the product(s) associated with the order. If you request to cancel an order at any time after the payment has been captured, for any reason, you will be charged a 5% credit card / cancelation fee. 


Product(s) contained within the standard merchandise agreement within 30-days of the order date will be refunded the amount less the original shipping cost (incurred by PRK) of the product(s) being returned. Refunds are processed in the order in which they are received. After the product(s) have been received by our shipping department a credit will be applied to the original payment method within 10 business days upon receipt.


Bundles are defined as purchases made with greater than one product contained on the order. Bundle pricing is contingent upon the total package being present. If 100% of the product(s) contained within a bundle are requested within an RMA, credit will be processed as if it were standard merchandise. After the product(s) have been received by our shipping department, a credit will be applied to the original payment method within 10 business days upon receipt.

If less than 100% of the product(s) contained within a bundle are requested within an RMA the credit processed will be less the M.A.P. pricing of all items contained within the RMA and initial shipping costs. i.e, Product(1) 2500 (M.A.P.), Product(2) 600 (M.A.P.), -300 discount for bundle, 2800 total. Purchaser wishes to return Product(1). The credited amount would be the 2800 paid minus the MAP price of the retained item Product(2) and shipping, in this example, 100. In this case 2100 would be credited.


If you receive an incorrect part from an order placed online, and we ship you out the correct part free of charge with a pre-paid UPS or USPS return label, you are responsible for shipping the incorrect part back to us within 14 days. If we do not receive it back within that timeframe you will be charged the full price of the incorrect item you received. 

Any service work required on machines that have been used with RO or distilled water will not be covered under warranty.

Miscellaneous Policies

Our site changes daily as new products and new suppliers are added to our offerings. While we do our very best to ensure our product descriptions, prices and policy information is 100% accurate, mistakes can happen. We reserve the right not to process any order that is attached to a product with inaccurate pricing information. If an order is placed on a product with inaccurate pricing, we will notify you of the mistake and verify if you would still like to purchase that item at the corrected price.

We also reserve the right not to work with customers who are abusive to our staff.  We believe our customers should be treated with respect and request that you treat our staff with respect as well.

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